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Youth Coaching

Life, school, sports, family, and friends all leave an indelible mark on how a young person develops their identity. It is critical to teach our youth how to navigate all of these things and the situations that arise as a result of growing up.

Road Trip
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A busy mind...stress and anxiety...lack of confidence...

When our children struggle, we need to provide them with tools to navigate the world and teach them how to have a healthy mindset that explores all the possibilities out there. Gifting your children the tools to maintain a healthy, balanced, and joyful life is how they will find what is personally fulfilling to them. With 18+ years of classroom teaching experience in addition to being a mom, step-mom, and grandmother myself, I have a few tricks up my sleeve to create a safe, fun, and explorative environment for your child to figure out what works for them.

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For the Neurodiverse Learners

No classroom is created equal. For those identifying as neurodiverse, the rules of traditional learning are a prison. Differentiated learning and the tools that support creative minds are rarely taught at the classroom level. Allow me to work with your child to figure out their learning language for success. These are our future leaders and it is my mission to support the superheroes of tomorrow.

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