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Relationship Coaching

Whether you are coupled or venturing out on your own, how we relate to ourselves is an indicator of how we relate to others. I've been there. I'm using all of the tools I teach and continue to create nurturing, kind, safe and inspiring relationships with those in my world. How? I learned to love myself, be vulnerable, break down the barriers I erected as a child and forgive. If you are ready for this kind of life change, I am here for you. 

Relationship Diagram

Couples Coaching

This 12-week program is a must for new couples considering marriage. It has also proven to be a relationship-saver for those in a tenured partnership that has become a bit stale or tenuous as if "walking on eggshells" around your mate. Clients learn ten tools for a great "creationship" and have fun home play exercises to practice mastery of those tools.

Pink Blossom
Cherry Blossoms

The Needless Lady
(or Gentleman)

What does it mean to be needless? One who wants for nothing and receives everything with grace and ease.

This is a 12-week program to step into your power, your beauty, and your vulnerable side to create a new life after a relationship ends. You may just find yourself in love again - with YOU! 

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