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Pragmatics of Parenting

Tree Growing in a Rock

Do you ever hear your kids say “I can’t!”?  Would you like a way to shift that into “I can!”?

Do you ask your kids, "How was your day?" and get a minimal response in return? Would you like to elicit feedback from your child that invites a depth of conversation to connect with them?

Do your kids (and you) know the impact language has in their world? Would you like to show your kids how to create more in life simply by changing a few words? 

Do you have a neurodiverse learner in need of tools to navigate school, relationships and life skills? 

My private coaching and group facilitating programs offer parents, educators and adults who work with youth, the opportunity to learn tools and speak their language.


Ready to change your entire family dynamic?


Not sure what this is about? 

Watch/listen to my interview from the recent 

Parenting Teens Summit 

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