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What inspires me to do what I do?

Custom keychain that sits in a frame on my desk.

I was once told I had some potential. My response was, "only some?!" You see, when I am told I can't do something or when people question my ability to succeed in anyway, I become motivated to out-create everything beyond what that person believes. Sort of the "I'll show you!" mentality. Instead of being angry with that person's point of view, I choose to function from the lightness of creation and constantly ask questions of myself; which allows me to have joy and laughter in all that I do. I keep this key chain on my desk to remind myself just how awesome I can be if I choose it. I do not allow the toxic opinions others have of me to cloud my vision. The key chain and I have been through a few battles and a bit of heartache - although it is worn and a bit broken for it's original intention, I am grateful everyday for it's inspiration.

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