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SAT Testing Changes Are Here

Updated: May 4, 2023

Hey, Parents!

If you have an incoming 2023-2024 senior planning to apply to college, please know the College Board SAT is changing. The premise of the test itself is the same. The benefits of online testing will shorten the test to two hours (from three), allow a calculator for all Math sections, and change the Reading portion of the test (a common section where students struggle). Even more exciting is the quick turn around time for scoring! These changes bring the need for new tools and strategies when preparing for and taking the test. I am currently training to be qualified on the cutting edge of this new testing approach, so I can support your students.

Some background: During the pandemic, a big shift occurred when colleges no longer required the SAT/ACT for admission to their school. In my observations, if students took the test and submitted their scores during this time, applicants were given priority acceptance and given better scholarships. The clients who followed my advice to take the SAT/ACT found themselves with more college acceptance letters and more scholarship money granted to them. Although colleges will continue to offer a "no SAT/ACT required" option when applying, I recommend students consider the benefits of testing and go for it - you can always omit your score if it doesn't align with what the college requires or retake the test.

Some guidance: How can you support your incoming senior with all of this? Do your research and ask your student what they would like to do. There are plenty of options available when preparing for the SAT/ACT that fit a variety of budgets. If students are motivated, independent learners, there are free or very low-cost online programs to train for the test. Some high schools offer inexpensive courses for their students as well. There are academic businesses that run group test prep programs that are presented as a recurring class. For many learners, this can be a great option. Do your research and be aware that sometimes programs that guarantee a high test score, wind up costing a lot of time and money to make that happen. Group courses are not always the best choice for neurodiverse learners, as set programs are often taught by trained employees, rather than credentialed teachers who know how to differentiate lessons. If a group course works for your budget, be sure to ask who is presenting the content. Sometimes teachers supplement their income by teaching these programs and it could be a great choice for your student. Independent tutoring programs that only focus on the test can produce amazing results for any student because they are customized toward the student's learning needs. Be aware! These can cost thousands of dollars. Before investing in this option, check the company/individual credentials, references, and program guarantees before committing. Again, ask your student what they are willing to do in preparation for the SAT/ACT and their college experience. Please note, if your teen does not buy into the idea of test prep and is not interested in investing the time to prepare for the SAT/ACT, your money will be wasted. Additionally, none of these programs address how to approach the college process, essay writing or coaching, so you may find yourself needing to supplement your teen's support system if their high school does not fulfill the application process needs.

If you are reading this and don't know me ... as a retired teacher and master life coach, I've been supporting students with College Coaching programs for 9 years now. Check out my referrals here. My program focuses on a whole-college portfolio approach, from essays and applications to test prep and mindset coaching. My advice to teens? Start early so you can enjoy your senior year. Why choose to work with me? Every year, my program sells out and all of my clients are accepted into several schools on their list, from state schools to Ivy League. How am I different from the rest? Convenient online and in-person sessions are created and customized for each individual student's unique needs. Additionally, I have kept my pricing well under the industry norm for such services over the years, because parents should not go broke helping their students get into college - higher education is expensive enough.

With this in mind, on April 26th at 7 pm PDT, I'll be hosting a free evening chat about all things college prep. Register here. This event has passed. The next event will be September 7th, 2023.

If you are interested in moving ahead, book an initial consultation here.

Be sure to use code SATBLOG for a $50 discount.

Registration for my college coaching/prep courses opens on April 15th, 2023.

Sign up before June 15th, 2023, and receive an extra session ($200 value) as my gift.

Programs begin July 10th, 2023. You pick your start date.

Late entry pricing goes up on September 8th, 2023.

Explore the program and sign up here.

Additional resources: Khan Academy Blog about SAT changes

If you know anyone sending their student to college next year, would please pass this on?


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