Value and Benefit Solutions

for Parents

When your child is pushing back and all you want to do is help them get all A's -

use those A's!

#1 Struggling with school assignments.

Say: Looks like you have a lot of work to do. What can I do to support you? Rather than "help". It allows kids to choose to succeed on their own terms.

#2 Negative talk and blaming others. 

Say: I see you are upset/hurt/

frustrated/_______. What would you like to choose here and how can I contribute? This allows kids the experience of expressing their needs. 

#3 Taking out anger on others.

Say: It's not ok to take out your frustration on your (family member). What would it look like to make a different choice? This sets a parental boundary and acknowledges it's ok to make a mistake and take responsibility for it. 

Acknowledge, Ask, and Allow

your child to make their own choice even if it creates a consequence.


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College and High School Essay Consultations

"It's not what you say, it's how you say it."           - Mae West

Now more than ever, your student's words ARE the impact that can propel them towards a successful future. 

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Does your student have the edge they need

to get into the school of their choice? 

Test scores, GPA's and

an extra-curricular portfolio

are only a part of the application.  

So, what about that other 50%?

Allow me to coach your student

in composing personal statements, 

using their voice

in a way that stands out

among a sea of qualified applicants.

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