"You are not going to be everyone's cup of tea, so tell them to drink something else." - My Grampy

I was that kid who always got into trouble with my parents. I could do nothing right. I was wild, silly, and going at 1000 miles per hour making mistakes everywhere I went. I wasn't perfect enough for them. So, as a 7-year-old girl, I created walls (and behaviors) to protect myself. I played the game to become the "good girl" while inside I was soooo angry that I couldn't be my true self. I was left with no sense of whom I was, going through the motions of life, pretending I was ok. All the while, judging myself and allowing others to do the same as I grew up.

Flash forward to my 40's - I was done playing perfect. I wanted to be me -whatever that looked like. I went to therapy, did the work, ended toxic relationships, stopped the abuse, and fell in love with myself for all of the mistakes. No regrets - only lessons and awareness. I learned how to be unapologetically me.

The one thing that got me through it all? Children. I love being a mother and a teacher. Perhaps because I was still a silly, playful kid at heart, or perhaps because I wanted to advocate for kids who were a bit different and wanted a chance to be seen/heard. Either way, my passion for empowering kids and teaching parents communication tools led me to create my own business 9 years ago after retiring from the classroom. 

All are welcome in my practice. As a neurodiverse learner, I get how it feels to be different in a world that isn't designed for me. I have found that labels and stereotypes have lasting negative effects. To me, everyone is an amazing, awesome, magical, unique unicorn to be celebrated as such. I don't care how messed up you think you are - you are a wonderful, valuable gift to the world and you have infinite potential. You are not wrong for being you. And, you are not alone.


My education, training, continued studies, and research has helped me hone my skills to best support my clients. My belief is that all learners are unique and it is our duty to open doors of possibilities in a way that works for people to navigate this world with ease. Mental fitness is exercise for our brain, our being, and our overall wellness. 


Today, I am an award-winning business leader, and inspirational (yet pragmatic) speaker in addition to my coaching business. I am the Diversity and Inclusion co-chair for the Women's Networking Alliance. I have created a six-figure income doing what I love. I live a mindful, healthy, happy life surrounded by inspiring, kind people.

Basically, I practice what I teach. 

If you are curious to know more or you are ready to dive in, book a complimentary 15-minute conversation and let's get going.


Sharing, exploring and learning with my clients in any way we can!

My daily mantra: Remember to Play!

Facilitating a group of peeps during a four-day Foundation class. 
Yes, I am Italian, so I talk with my hands - watch out!