To me, the relationship I create with my clients is a special bond that develops with each session. Whether it's coaching, pragmatic parenting or academic mentoring, I am genuinely curious how I can contribute to you. I am simply here to empower you to choose something different with lots of questions. Let's work together to obtain the change that you are seeking for your life.


My business represents the many hats I wear. I work with anyone looking to create change in their lives. I have clients as young as 5 and as mature as 76. Anything is possible when you desire a different way to life your life.

Let's get sorted! Life Changing Coaching is further down the page.


As an academic mentor and educational consultant, the goal of my sessions and programs specifically prepare clients with the tools they need to succeed in school. I have 18+ years experience in the classroom. With a teaching background in Mathematics and ELA, I provide CCS content and learning tools to become a successful life-long learner.


What I do is a bit unusual, yes. I've found the combination of academic mentoring, educational consulting and coaching is as unique as each of my clients. During our time together; I am available for any questions that pop up. I offer online academic support in between sessions, providing access to hundreds of study guides, special programs and modalities for independent learning. If there is a customized tool that doesn't exist yet, we will create it together.  


Often times, the anxiety, stress and fears that holds a person back from success and happiness is met with a combination of transformational, pragmatic tools designed to unlock your authentic self.

As a life long learner myself, I am constantly seeking ways to enhance my own life, try out new tools and continue my education. My own wellness is the result of stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new things. If you are interested in looking at the energetic side of manifesting your life, please ask. 


Take a peek on my testimonial pages to see what clients are saying. Click around to find a program that fits your needs.

How does it get any better than that?!  If you are curious to know more or you are ready to dive in, contact me.