Change your mindset = find your happy.

  • Possibility Coaching

    Relationship, Next Chapter, and Positive Intelligence©
    Valid for 12 weeks
    • Initial Conversation to Create a Plan that works for YOU
    • 12 private weekly sessions to explore what's possible
    • Weekly Gratitude Challenge
    • Weekly Tools for Success
    • Accountability and Reflection Strategies
    • Need a few more sessions? Extended Program Pricing Available
    • Commitment discount: pay in full, save $300
  • Couples Coaching

    Every week
    Communicate and create a relationship of your dreams.
    Valid for 12 weeks
    • 12 private couples coaching sessions
    • Play together with weekly tools/challenges
    • Learn to communicate from kindness
    • Shift your trigger points from flight, fight or freeze
    • Design a household charter for money and chores
    • Create a "Joy Jar" for rainy days
    • Loyal client pricing for additional sessions
  • Pragmatic Parenting

    Empower your kids differently and create success for all.
    Valid for 12 weeks
    • SIX Private Sessions Online
    • Explore parenting from the "inside-out" to be the best YOU
    • Master 6 Tools to Develop Communication Skills with Family
    • Learn the Five Elements of Intimacy as a Parent
    • Create a custom plan for you and your family's success!
    • Loyal Client Pricing for additional sessions
  • Limited Availability

    College Coaching

    It's not what you say, it's how you say it.
    Valid for 2 months
    • SIX Private Coaching Sessions
    • Task accountability to get the application process rolling
    • Onboarding Exercises to find that Unique YOU Portfolio
    • Data Analysis of Colleges and Budgeting Tools
    • Common App Essay Writing with Unlimited Edits
    • Additional sessions offered at Loyal Client Rate (20% off)
  • Teen2Adult Coaching

    For those young adults seeking independence.
    Valid for 3 months
    • 8 Private Weekly Sessions
    • Let's explore options if college is not for you.
    • Resumé building, how to find a job, networking
    • Communication tools to get the job.
    • Adulting 101 - tools for independence
    • Finance 101 - budgets, bills, taxes, investment planning
    • Additional sessions at a Loyal Client Rate.
  • Teen Coaching

    Every month
    Academic Support for Stressed Student's to Find Success
    • Four private online coaching sessions per month.
    • Tools for ease with executive function.
    • Tools for anxiety and stress management.
    • Academic support and strategies.
    • Neurodiverse learning language tools, if applicable.
    • Parent support.
    • Extra sessions available at a Loyal Client Rate.
    • 12-week program billed monthly for three months.
    • Savings of over $200 for the three months!

New Pricing


Prices go up the 1st of September

Formerly 1:1 Academic Sessions