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Client Testimonials
Privacy is extremely important to me, so names have been reduced to initials. If you would like references, contact me.

Alayna helped me get past my anger and fear after my divorce. She provided actual tools to shift my mindset and didn't judge me when I had a bad day or a setback. Her patience and understanding as a divorceé herself was the support I needed. Her positive demeanor and ability to ask tough questions helped me to see where I could make changes for a MUCH better life. - AB

As a man in my 40's trying to save my marriage, I found Alayna's coaching to be insightful and helpful offering a different perspective. The exercises she teaches you really help you get out of your head and try a new pattern of behavior.  My wife and I are going to a couples counselor (referred to us by Alayna) to do the work together, while I continue to do my own work. I am much happier with my life and I enjoy the little things now. -NL

Alayna coached me because I wanted to become financially independent and stop caring so much about what other people thought about me. One year later...I have THREE sources of income and am having so much fun working! My husband and kids have totally noticed I am a different person because I've changed my mindset and gained back the confidence I seem to have lost being a wife and mom. She's the best! - SB

Alayna helped us navigate some pretty tricky bullying issues my daughter was struggling with. Her tips and tools are so simple yet easy to implement. The relationship I have with my daughter now has vastly improved since working with her. My daughter actually talks to me about what's going on and is confident enough to handle bullying.  -MB

Ms. Hale just gets it. She helps me be organized for school. She also helps me feel less stressed and anxious about all the "what ifs" that go on in my head. She asks really great questions and is fun to talk to. I know she is always there to help if I need her. – JR

Alayna worked with my son, who is a high-functioning autistic child. It was unbelievable to watch. K immediately connected with her! It was like she could read his mind...her work with him gave K the opportunity to feel relaxed in a world that stresses him out. -KO

My child is a different person after working with Alayna. His confidence has blossomed and N is no longer anxious about taking tests in school. -OR

More Client Feedback

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