Academic Testimonials

Privacy is extremely important to me, so names have been reduced to initials. If you would like references, contact me.

“Ms. Hale just gets it. She helps me be organized and learn how to write and do Math. And somehow she makes it fun. I got A's and one B on my last report card.” – JR

“Alayna helped us navigate some pretty tricky bullying issues my daughter was in the middle of. Her tips and tools are so simple yet easy to implement. The relationship I have with my daughter now has vastly improved since working with her. My daughter actually talks to me about what's going on.” -MB

“Alayna worked with my son, who is a high-functioning Autistic child. It was unbelievable to watch - K immediately connected with her! It was like she could read his mind...Her work with him gave K the opportunity to feel relaxed in a world that stresses him out.” -KO

“My child is a different person after working with Alayna. His confidence has blossomed and N is no longer anxious about taking tests in school.” -OR

To:Alayna Hale

Welcome back. 

Tuesday’s at 4:30 is great. Thank you. We had a meeting with her teacher and VP and they said C’s growth from over the summer was jaw dropping. Her STAR test scores rose 130 points and that’s unheard of. Thank you so so much. She is actually reading at a low 5th grade level now! And, they said whatever you did they want to know because it’s clearly working for C.

See you next week. C is excited to begin 5th grade - she loves working with you!

Thanks so much, LW