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Voted Alignable's Local Businessperson of the Year for 2021, 2022, and 2023, Women's Networking Alliance 2021 President of the Year, 2020 Member of the Year, and 2020 Inspiration Award, Alayna is fearless when it comes to changing her life. She is a certified ICF master life coach and a Positive Intelligence© coach, focusing on mental fitness as a catalyst to creating change. She has been featured on Jim Master’s internationally syndicated “Close Up” radio show and has been a guest speaker on several platforms sharing her expertise with others. Alayna’s experience in the corporate world, the classroom, and life have given her a unique edge in what success looks like. Alayna’s business was created from a love of working with others, and on her terms, not that of a traditional business model. She has created a six-figure income by approaching business differently. Paying it forward and contributing to others is vital to Alayna's balanced lifestyle. Along with volunteering her services locally, she currently holds a position on the executive board of the Women's Networking Alliance as the Chairperson for Diversity and Inclusion, helping business owners to create an equitable, safe workspace. 


Alayna’s down-to-earth humor compels audiences and clients to laugh while they learn. She has a knack for asking questions that melt the mind, leaving people with empowering tools and possibility mindsets to use long after the session is over. Tapping into your infinite potential is Alayna’s invitation for anyone seeking something different.

If Alayna is not playing with her business, you can find her traveling the world, hiking with her dog, tending to her garden, or whipping up a culinary delight. Located in Gig Harbor, Washington, Alayna provides in-person and online services around the world.

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Mental Fitness for the Win

DEI for Your Business

Your Relationship with Business and Money

Using Positive Intelligence© tools, Alayna will guide the audience on a journey of reframing your story, rewiring your inner judge, and rewriting your life from a wise Sage perspective by learning to quiet the Sabatoeurs and strengthen your well-balanced mindset.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as a part of a "people-centric" business model begin with a solid foundation of your messaging with a clear mission statement, clarity on who and what your business represents, and how to be aware of what you are creating for yourself, your employees, and your customers/clients. The future begins with knowing how to make a positive impact towards being different and changing the world.

Let's explore your relationship with business and money to find success. What if, "I want to increase my client base, make six figures annually, and work a few days a week." was actually possible? It is. Learn 5 tools to strengthen your mindset and create more for your business.

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