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What is energetic coaching?

I invite you to explore the idea of conscious energy and how it can change your life. 


Access Bars® is one of the modalities I share with my clients who suffer from stress, anxiety and depression. These powerful sessions are particularly helpful for those who struggle with ADHD and other Neuro-diverse superpowers. Clients with PTSD and health issues respond well to this gentle healing.  When a Bars session is added to a coaching program, life-changing results for the client do occur.


Curious to know more? 

What is Bars? 

How does it help with stress and anxiety? 

How did I stumble on this modality? Back in 2013, my life was in constant upheaval - I was desperate for something to help me find comfort with what was going on and find a way to reduce my stress. One of these Bars sessions changed my life. I continue to get my Bars run weekly because it's so relaxing. I find my overall health and mental wellness greatly improved - I am genuinely happy. Bars is like a delete button for all the things that are spinning in my head and pure healing for my body. If you are curious to know more, please ask.