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Intuitive Coaching 

I invite you to explore the idea of energy and how it can contribute to your life. 


Intuitive Coaching Explained

Or not. There are really no words for how one receives energy. It just happens. The explainable piece is that our minds often get in the way of allowing our body, soul, spirit, and "gut" - to tell us what is available. 

There are several modalities out there - and I've studied most of them. I use the energy of the client to determine which modality best connects them with their intuition. It's a major trust exercise and it would be my honor to work with you in this capacity.

Access Bars® is one of the modalities I share with my clients who suffer from stress, anxiety and depression. These powerful hands-on (Acupressure-like) sessions are particularly helpful for those who struggle with ADHD and other Neurodiverse superpowers. Clients with PTSD and health issues respond well to this gentle healing. Running Bars helps you sleep well, too! When a Bars session is added to a coaching program, life-changing results for the client can occur.

How did I stumble on this modality? Back in 2013, my life was a hot mess - I was desperate to find comfort with what was going on and find a way to reduce my stress. I continue to get my Bars run regularly because it's so relaxing. I find my overall health and mental wellness greatly improved. Bars is like a delete button for all the things that are spinning in my head. If you are curious to know more, please ask.  This is just one of the energetic modalities I have studied and practiced.

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