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What is Possibility Coaching?

Living life can be tricky to navigate sometimes and it keeps us from finding our joy and success. From our youth struggles where behaviors are often formed to keep us safe, to our adult issues that keep popping up ... it feels like we've been tossed into the world without a manual. Suddenly we find ourselves STUCK - whether it's being in debt, in a job we hate, or in a relationship that just isn't working - we can feel like a failure, too embarrassed to say anything and unsure which way to go. What if ... all of those things are what brought you to this next chapter of your journey? There is no right or wrong choice. YOU are not wrong. You are ready for what's next. 

Road Trip

Adult Coaching

From Positive Intelligence (Mindset) coaching to Parenting coaching to Family/Divorce facilitation, to Relationships with Business, Money, or People coaching, sometimes being an adult requires a bit of support from someone who's been there and is trained to offer a non-judgmental space so you can look at what's possible.  Want to learn some tools to quiet your inner voice keeping you from success?

Throwing Caps

For those heading to college, applying to schools is way more than the application itself. Prepare for your future by creating a college list and budget that will give you options. Build your portfolio with strong essays so you stand out among a sea of applicants. Find those scholarships once you get accepted. I am here to guide you through the entire process.

To date, all of my college clients have been pleased to be accepted and attend their choice of schools (including Ivy League) - many with scholarships! I am proud to be a part of these outstanding achievements. 

Please note: A full program must be purchased to guarantee success. This program fills up fast, so book by July for your incoming Senior to ensure their spot!

For those choosing a different path such as entering the business world, vocational training, or apprenticeship in trade, let's get you on the path to adulthood ASAP. These sessions include a bit of Finance 101, executive function training,  independence transition plans, and resumé building in addition to real-world tools that will support your journey. With the help of our EASE Foundation, we can get you on your way.

College Coaching

Rock in Sand

Intuitive Coaching

For the client who is seeking what's beyond this reality. Our minds often get in the way of what is true for us. Learn to tap into the entire mind-body-soul-spirit connection to create your life's journey. It may sound a bit woo-woo, but it's super fun and it works. Life is energy. Acknowledging that energy and choosing from it can create an entirely different world for you. 

Rock in Sand
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