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Success Coaching 

Being an adult can be tricky to navigate. Often we are tossed into the world and suddenly find ourselves in debt, in a job we hate, in a relationship that just isn't working and we feel like a failure, too embarrassed to say anything. What if....all of those things are what brought you to this next chapter of your journey? There is no right or wrong choice. YOU are not wrong. YOU are ready for what's next.

Positive Intelligence© Coaching

PQ allows the client to explore where life is being run by their Saboteurs and how to shift that mindset to the Sage perspective. As a certified Positive Intelligence© coach, I am pleased to offer this insightful 12-week program designed to work in tandem with Shirzad Charmine's Positive Intelligence Program which is based on his best-selling book. 

Rock in Sand

Intuitive Coaching

For the client who is seeking what's beyond this reality. Our minds often get in the way of what is true for us. Learn to tap into the entire mind-body-soul-spirit connection to create your life's journey. It may sound a bit woo-woo, but it's super fun and it works. Life is energy. Acknowledging that energy and choosing from it can create an entirely different world for you. 

Rock in Sand
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